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      Insight Investigation Services

                                     Chicago, Illinois

Fees and Services

Consultation (First Meeting – 1/2 hour): 
No charge

General Investigation Services and Litigation Support:1 
    * Minimum 4 Hour Charge at $85.00 per hour, plus drive time,  mileage2 and usual/customary expenses3    

    * Rush Service: Add $20.00 per hour4
    * Travel more than 10 miles to client for sign up: Add rate per hour for drive time, plus mileage2

Surveillance: $75.00/hour4 plus drive time, mileage, and expenses. 
    * Rush Service: ADD $20.00/hour5

Normal Surveillance Equipment (GPS excluded), two way communications 
No charge

$0.55 per mile2

Tolls – Parking – Telephone – Faxing – Transcripts
Pass Through Expense

Hotel, Air Travel, Additional Special Expenses: 
    * Pass Through Expense

Digital Video Recording, Digital Photography, and Related Services: 
    * Call to discuss

Court Appearances for Testimony or Deposition
$500.00 per day minimum 
Fee must be pre-paid 7 days in advance

 Process Service Fee Schedule – 2 attempts = 1 fee:4

NOTE: One named party = 1 serve/2 attempts. Two named parties = 2 serves/1 attempt for each. Two named parties + All Unknown Occupants = 3 serves.

 • $75 Chicago City & Suburb Service2 (No distance charge if destination is within 15 miles of our office location 2600 north/2900 west, Chicago, IL 60647. NOTE: $1 per mile additional outbound fee if outside of the 15-mile base distance. Plus parking.)

• $80 Chicago Downtown Service (Between North Ave. – Cermak Rd. – Lakefront – Ashland Ave.). Plus parking. No mileage charge. No drive time charge.

• Normal Rush Service: 5 Add $25 (Plus parking.)

• $250 Emergency Rush Service: Includes 1 attempt at service within 5 hours of receipt of documents. Second attempt within 24 hours of document receipt. (Plus mileage and parking)

Under most circumstances we can attempt service 7 days/week, 7 am – 10 pm. 

 EXAMPLE: Eviction summons and complaint on John Doe = 1 serve. On John Doe and All Unknown Occupants = 2 serves. John Doe, Mary Doe, and All Unknown Occupants = 3 serves. 


Electronic GPS Tracking
Starts at  $350.00 per day + Equipment Purchase    

Executive Protection (Armed): 
$85.00 per hour

Special Equipment Rentals (Such as In-house Surveillance Cameras, Covert Surveillance Camera): 
    * Varies per request

Clerical Rate
$30 per hour

Child Transportation – 2 person crew is required: 
Call for Quote

Electronic BUG Sweeps and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Services
Starts at $750.00

Computer forensics: 
Call to discuss.

Due Diligence Research Assistance (Nu-Diligencetm):
$150.00 per hour plus database access costs and state surcharges

General Database Research:
Background Screening:
Background Check
$85 per hour plus database costs and state surcharges

Opposition Research
    * Call to discuss

Fraud Detection and Prevention 
* Call to discuss


1 Retainer may be required for new clients. Cost reductions may be available, based on volume. Payment of invoice shall be made upon receipt. 1.5% per month service charge (18% per annum) shall be applied to invoices after ten (10) days. In addition, a late fee of $25.00 per month will be added to all past due accounts until paid.

2 Mileage: Commencing from and concluding at the Insight Investigation Services, LLC offices, Chicago, IL 60647.

3 Any unusual or additional expenses will be discussed with client first, if possible. In the event it is not possible to discuss charges in advance with the client, they will be charged reasonable and necessary fees as incurred at the discretion of the investigator. All prices subject to change without notice.

4 Service of Process fees do not include database research time and costs, surveillance fees, photocopy costs. and other fees/costs for services necessary to locate and confirm delivery address of the process recipient.

5 Rush service is any service that is required to be performed before 7 a.m. on the morning following notification to Insight Investigation Services, LLC.

Insight Investigation Services, LLC /   Chicago, IL

IL Private Detective Lic. No. 115.02294
IL PD Agency Lic. No. 117.001605

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