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Nanny Screening

These days it seems to be a really good idea to screen before hiring nannies, baby sitters, and other child care providers.

Even DCFS can't keep up with daycare Background Checks!


So WHO is helping you watch out for the safety of your children?

We are - Insight Investigation Services, LLC.

My children were raised in Chicago ... played here ... safely grew into fine young sdults here. But back then, it was enough to ask another parent for a nanny reference.

It is not anymore. And that is why we have developed a deep multi-point background investigation process so you will know the background of the stranger you are about to trust with your most precious asset - your child.

We have the investigation experience to conduct a thorough background check, using the right data and official deep background information sources to inform you about about issues regarding any day care and child care provider, nanny, or baby sitter that you are considering.

For example, do you know how to check with DCFS for prior official reports of child abuse or child neglect made against a nanny?

Do you know how to comply with federal EEOC regulations that apply even when hiring babysitters? (Believe it or not!)

We do. And when you use our pre-employment screening service for home-based care, we will give you, at no additional cost, our Nanny Employment document and forms package. This FREE package, valued at $75, contains valuable information for the nanny hiring process:

  1. A Nanny Employment Application; 
  2. Questions for you to ask the applicant during their interview; 
  3. Questions for you to ask the applicant's references; 
  4. Nanny Hiring Guidelines so that your employment selection process complies with applicable federal EEOC regulations - and not get you sued for improperly rejecting some applicants; 
  5. Copies of the federal regulations that apply to all hiring situations (from major corporations to nannies). Hiring baby sitters is not as simple as it used to be.


Reasonable rates. Fast service. No cost for initial consultation.

Use the "Contact Us" link to the right and let us know how we can help your family.
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